Talos - The LDAP, Kerberos, DHCP, and DNS server of COSI

DHCP Lease Table

This table shows what DHCP leases are currently in effect.

 DHCP Lease Table

Maintainer Information

Ryan Stewart is the current maintainer of Talos, as well as many of the VM Hosts, and much of the Network.

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Talos Documentation

The link below leads to the Docs page on Talos, written by Graham Northup, and known to all as "The Talos Book".

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Zone Check

This tool reports on the health of the zone files (to the left), written by Graham.

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DNS Record for *.cslabs.clarkson.edu


DNS Record for *.cosi.clarkson.edu


Reverse DNS records for 128.153.144/24


Reverse DNS records for 128.153.145/24


Reverse DNS records for 128.153.146/24


DHCP Leases File


Active DHCP Leases

IP Address MAC Address Expires (days,H:M:S) Hostname

Total active leases: 1

Report generated 2021-08-01 20:40:54